Salt Lake City Utah Kenpo

Arrowhead Martial Arts in Salt Lake City, UT specializes in teaching self-defense exclusively to adults over 18 years old with little-to-no experience the martial arts system of American Kenpo in a beginner-friendly training environment.

When you join Arrowhead Martial Arts you will…

  • Learn exclusively with other adults who are the same skill level
  • Progress at your own pace in our beginner-friendly classes
  • Benefit from having multiple black belts in every class
  • Receive more personal attention from qualified and knowledgeable instructors
  • Never get lost in the shuffle because we limit our class sizes
  • Learn everything in a step-by-step manner from our patient, friendly instructors
  • Receive our no hassle 30-day money back guarantee and get ALL your money back if it’s not right for you
  • And more!

Mr. Wheaton is a direct student of 10th-degree black belt Mr. Paul Mills; who was a protege of Mr. Ed Parker.


Arrowhead Martial Arts
4679 S 2225 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84117
(801) 503-0028


Ryan Wheaton
8th Degree Black Belt